Overview of the Game

The game of Keno is among the famous lottery-based game that players will come across both at online or land-based casinos. The game is designed to be easy and straightforward to understand. Players also need to know that the game of Keno is a game of luck. The advent of the internet made the game more popular among players around the world. Additionally, if you want to learn more on how to play the game of Keno, you can check out oikoveva .

Where did the Game Originate From?

The origin of the game dated back to over 2000 years ago, and it started out in China. During the early years, the Keno game consists of 80 Chinese characters. The 18th century saw the birth of the game of Keno in the United States, and it was brought in by Chinese immigrants. After some time, the character was substituted with Arabic numbers in the United State. At a time in Nevada, the Arabic numbers were tied to names of horse race betting.

The horse race name disappear in 1951 when a ban was placed on horse betting. This was done so that the game of Keno will not be mistaken for horse betting. The original name that was given to this game then was baige piao, which can be translated to mean "White Pigeon Ticket". This was because the results of the game were usually sent to remote villages by pigeons. Today, Keno is played in most part of the world from American casinos to Australia casinos, South Africa, etc.

What do you need to know Before Getting Started?

There are some terminologies that a player need to understand getting started with the game of Keno. One of these is the Spot. This describes the number of numbers that a player chooses. Also, you will come across Catching the Spot term. This tells you the numbers that players choose which match the ones that are randomly selected in the game. Also, you should get familiar with the ticket terminology. This is the Keno card that the player will use to choose their preferred numbers. Some type Keno bets include;

  • Straight Ticket Bet
  • Way Ticket Bets
  • Combination Ticket Bet
  • Split Ticket Bet

One of the great things about this game is that players will find it easy to play. The game is a fast-paced game and the results are showed instantly. This makes it a perfect game for players who don't have the patience to play other casino games. When playing this game, you choose from a pool of numbers ranging from 1 to 80. Generally, a player is allowed to choose up to 10 numbers. But, there is some variant of Keno that allow players to choose numbers up to 20.


How to play the Game?

Before you play the game, you need to choose your preferred numbers. Players should note that the amount of numbers they choose and the money they wager on them is what will determine the payout. After you have selected your number and bet placed, a series of 20 numbers will be chosen at random. If the number you select to match with the one drawn in the game, then you win. To win, you do not necessarily need to match all the 20 numbers.